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Net-Tex Itch-Stop

Net-Tex Itch-Stop

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Containing researched repellents such as DEET and blended natural extracts, Net-Tex Itch Stop Salve combines advanced technology with nature to maximise longevity of repellency - just one application can last up to a week, making it extremely cost effective. This weather resistant cream instantly soothes, cools and relieves the itching – helping to put a stop to the itch, scratch, and sore cycle as well as assisting in the re-epithilisation of the skin and hair growth. This product does not contravene Jockey Club or FEI regulations and is HSE approved.

  • Protects, disinfects & sanitises existing sores
  • Repels against new bites
  • Just one application can last up to a week
  • Weather resistant
  • Instantly soothes, cools & relieves the itching
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