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Horslyx Original Lick

Horslyx Original Lick

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Horslyx Original Balancer will balance any nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing, helping to ensure your horse stays healthy and happy.

Original Balancer is suitable for all horses.

All Horslyx Balancers are extremely low in starch making them suitable for horses which can react unfavourably to traditional cereal based diets.

Key Ingredients:

Lindseed Oil - rich in Omega 3 and can help in producing a healthy glossy coat, healthy skin and boost the immune system.

Hoof Package - For optimum hood support all Horslyx Balancers contain a hoof package. This includes Biotin, a water soluble B vitamin that is produced as a by-product of the breakdown of fibre in the hind gut, or must be provided by the diet. It has been shown in several studies to be essential for hoof health, however adding zinc, methionine and providing a full balanced diet is often found to be more effective than biotin alone.

Protein - Protein is important to all horses since it provides the building blocks (amino acids) required for muscle tissue synthesis.

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