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Equibalancer Show & Glow Complete Balancer

Equibalancer Show & Glow Complete Balancer

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Equibalancer Show and Glow is the ultimate comprehensive feed balancer for horses and ponies. Show and Glow helps to maintain condition, muscle development and top line without fizz. Show and Glow can be used from lead rein ponies to hunters, dressage horses to eventers. Show and Glow's all natural, competition safe ingredientsĀ provide a complete daily balance of nutrients to support the essential systems of the horse whilst maintaining a calm and focused attitude to work. As it is a concentrated formula without any fillers only a small scoop of supplement is required into the horses daily feed ration. Itā€™s unique formula is high in omega oils, amino acids and both pre and probiotics making it the ultimate one scoop feed balancer. Show and glow is the most cost effective way of delivering a daily feed balancer packed with vitamins, minerals and trace elements without the fillers. Low in sugars and starch andĀ free from Cereals, Alfalfa, Molasses and Soya products, it is suitable for most diets.

Feeding instructions:

For maintenance, feed 1 x 25ml scoop mixed with a little chaff. Feed at twice the normal amount to build additional muscle and topline.

Size - 1.5kg

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