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Dodson & Horrell

Dodson & Horrell Weigh Tape

Dodson & Horrell Weigh Tape

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Dodson & Horrell Weigh Tape. The numbers of horses and ponies in the United Kingdom classed as overweight or obese are ever-increasing. Horses and ponies carrying excess weight are at increased risk of medical conditions such as laminitis, and so we all have a responsibility to ensure that our horses stay at a healthy bodyweight. We recommend that you monitor your horse's weight on a fortnightly basis - it is often difficult to notice changes when you see your horse everyday. Ideally weigh your horse using a weigh bridge for a more accurate measurement, however when his is not possible you can use one of our Dodson and Horrell weigh-tapes. Our tapes have been scientifically formulated on research and can be trusted to be a consistent alternative to using a weighbridge.

How to use D&H weigh-tape:
Make sure that your horse is standing square.
Use the pony side for those 14.2hh and under and the horse side for those above 14.2hh.
Hold the blue block in one hand and pass the rest of the tape over the lowest point of your horse's withers. Bring the tape up under the horse's stomach as close as possible to the elbow. The tape should be in a diagonal position from the lowest point of the withers towards the elbow; it will not be in a straight line. Read the number opposite the red arrow.

This is your horse's approximate weight in kilos.

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