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Baileys Outshine Spearmint

Baileys Outshine Spearmint

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Baileys Outshine Spearmint is an advanced, mess-free oil supplement which has been designed to help boost the condition, performance & topline for every type of horse or pony. Oil provides 2.5 times as many calories in comparison to carbohydrates from cereal sources, this makes this oil rich supplement extremely energy dense meaning you can feed your horse less reducing the load put on their digestive system. The low starch, high oil formula also has the added benefit of providing slow release energy which is suitable for horses that mat have muscle related issues to being penned up all day.

  • Easy to use & energy dense
  • Suitable for a wide range of horses & ponies
  • For equine needing extra condition

Because the supplement is low in sugar & starch it is suitable for horses prone to laminitis that need to gain condition.

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