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Mastacare Equestrian Herbal Skin Gel 500ml

Mastacare Equestrian Herbal Skin Gel 500ml

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Mastacare Herbal Skin Gel is a unique product to help assist the natural healing process. Can be used on minor cuts, bites, sores and rubbed skin. Acts as a barrier to help protect the wound during the healing process as well as being kind to the skin. Ingredients include Comfrey, Calendula, Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary Oil and moisturising Aloe Vera extracts. This easy to apply gel penetrates deeply and is non-irritant.

  • Powerful natural skin gel
  • Helps assists the healing process
  • Acts as a barrier to protect the wound

Instructions for use:

Apply twice daily.

Patch test for sensitivity 24 hours before use. For animal external use only.

Returns will only be accepted on unopened items, and must be in their original packaging & with unbroken seal.

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