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Gold Label

Gold Label Glucosamine Plus 5000

Gold Label Glucosamine Plus 5000

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Gold Label Glucosamine Plus 5000 contains glucosamine with MSM and Vitamin C. It is a potent powder formula that supports joint function and promotes healthy tendons and cartilage. Provides building blocks for healthy tendons, cartilage and joints in horses of all ages. Very competitively priced for a po-tent mixture. Contains Glucosamine Sulphate, M.S.M., Vitamin C and Glucose. Two measures should be used for helping in the repair work, taking upto three weeks, and then one measure should be used for maintenance for as long as possible. This is a natural product and does not have side effects. Highly di-gestible. Contains a massive 5000 mg per measure. A product with a magnificent track record.

Size - 900g

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