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Equilibrium Products Field Relief Fly Rug

Equilibrium Products Field Relief Fly Rug

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The perfect summer rug to help protect horses from sun, dirt, dust, and those pesky flies! The mesh fabric is intentionally decorated with hexagons in different tones of grey to help repel flies from landing on the horses, while providing cool and comfortable protection from head to tail. Helps reduce bleaching from the sun with UV protection. Keeps horses cool on the warmer days due to its lightweight mesh material. Fits a variety of shapes and sizes with adjustable straps on the neck and belly. Comfortable to wear with an ultra-quick drying anti-rub Lycra on the neck. Excellent shoulder clearance due to unique collar design shaping. Full coverage from head to tail with belly flap and extra-large tail flap.

*Please note due in 5th July*

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